Sunday, 22 April 2012

Morning all!

Been a less than stellar week this week. Between the rubbish weather and overworking myself on the animation, my mood has gone downhill a bit.

The weather's nice today (so that's an excuse to get outside and take a stroll when I have a break) and this sequence is almost done - just need to add highlights to it! Wish I could post up my progress on the current project...

Honestly, I'm feeling kind of bored of the piece I'm working on and I'm eager to move onto the next one. Best thing to do is to keep going at it! I know I can have the whole thing finished in a month if I really knuckle down.

I've been taking the odd break from it with fan art and drew Ariel - one of the best mermaids I've drawn in a while! Mind you, I need the practice in for the second character in the music video.

Right then! Enough procrastinating, it's time to work!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Evening all!

Did some nifty Shadow Raiders pieces today - still need to draw Sternum though! Not many reference pictures out there and I think I got far too distracted watching the episodes. Oh well...

Quick little update with what I've been up to today other than doing obscure fan art. I was at the Job Centre today, and that's always a barrel of laughs. On the plus side, I found out about a photography apprenticeship. Need to know more about it, but it sounds like fun!

That's all from me - back to drawing!
Jade and Tekla

Monday, 16 April 2012

Good evening!

Had a grand old weekend, filled with exceptional laziness and doing minimal amounts of anything productive. So I made up for it by drawing a few 80s cartoon characters in a thoroughly silly manner. They're all up on my DeviantArt page (which you can find here )

Gonna be posting some animation-y progress up here in the near future too. Now that the music video is sorted, I can put together a half-decent show reel. Taken a bit of getting around too, but it should all go smoothly now.

I'm clocking out now I think. Had a fairly productive day and I intend to do some more work tomorrow!


Thursday, 12 April 2012

It's live! Means I can post up my video - the band edited it into a 16:9 aspect ratio, and some of the sequences were cropped as a a result. Here's the original - now I know not to work in 4:3 for animations!

Very big thank you to JL and Vincent for letting me put this into the public eye! You guys rock!
Good afternoon!

Very excited today because the music video I made for Djiel goes live today! Been itching to stick it up online for ages, it's such a relief to finally be able to do so!

So much to be getting on with - like setting this thing up properly. I'm gonna start posting up some silly little sketch diary comics, maybe one or two other bits and pieces. Otherwise, just expect this to be full of random babbling...I have a tendency to do that.

Short and sweet - now back to work. Those pictures won't draw themselves!