Sunday, 22 April 2012

Morning all!

Been a less than stellar week this week. Between the rubbish weather and overworking myself on the animation, my mood has gone downhill a bit.

The weather's nice today (so that's an excuse to get outside and take a stroll when I have a break) and this sequence is almost done - just need to add highlights to it! Wish I could post up my progress on the current project...

Honestly, I'm feeling kind of bored of the piece I'm working on and I'm eager to move onto the next one. Best thing to do is to keep going at it! I know I can have the whole thing finished in a month if I really knuckle down.

I've been taking the odd break from it with fan art and drew Ariel - one of the best mermaids I've drawn in a while! Mind you, I need the practice in for the second character in the music video.

Right then! Enough procrastinating, it's time to work!

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